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DML Plays:  

BLM 7200 semi-modular synthesizer, Moog Matriarch, Moog Voyager, Oberheim Xpander, Roland JV1080, modular system, Boss RE-20 Space Echo, Eventide H9 Harmonizer, Lexicon MPX 100.


DM Plays:  

Behringer’s Neutron, Model D,  K2 and ARP 2500 Modules. 
Eurorack System:  Wave Table Oscillator’s - Mutable Instruments “Plaits”, Noise Engineering’s “Loquelic Iteritas” and Matthias Puech’s “Ensemble Oscillator”. 
Filters by Tip Top, Chippmann, Doepfer, Mutable Instruments.
FX Modules are Pico’s DSP along with various LFO’s and Sample & Hold generators.
Keyboard controller - Arturia’s Keystep


Special Thanks: 

Phil Lee, Katya Margolina Lawson, Nancy Castle, Ryland Angel, Philip Blackburn, Thais, Vanya, Jesse, Allison and Madison, Elias Tanenbaum, Dr. Philip S. Wilson, Fred Guarino, Steve, Ashley and the gang at CityVox, Pace University’s School of Performing Arts.


Written, Recorded and Produced by

David Margolin Lawson & David Merrill  

Mastered by Fred Guarino at Tiki Studios - Glen Cove, NY

Designed by Philip Blackburn

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